May 23, 2021

What does an in-home family photoshoot look like in Dubai?

If you’re considering having your family photographed at your home, this post will give you an insight into what to expect and how you can prepare for your family photoshoot in Dubai.

The purpose of an in-home photoshoot is completely different from an outdoor one. An outdoor photoshoot can be fun and will produce beautiful interactions and memories for family members. But an in-home family photoshoot captures the feelings of home and belonging. It records the growth of your kids. When you look back at in-home photos you will be taken back to those moments and realize how tiny your little ones were. In-home photos are super nostalgic!

Preparing for your in-home photoshoot:

There are a few things you need to consider after booking a family photoshoot with me.

Clothing: I would recommend that you wear something comfortable, like a casual dress or t-shirt and jeans. Colour-wise, try to coordinate them instead of matching everything exactly. You can also coordinate your outfits according to what matches the best with the decor/walls in your home. The more cohesive the colour pallet, the better the photographs will turn out!

Time of session: I would need to know the time when the light in your home is the best. This can vary from home to home so unlike outdoor photoshoots which take place around sunset and sunrise, in-home photoshoots can take place anywhere from 9 am to 4 pm. I would ask you to take photos around your home around this time and send me so I can determine what areas will be best to photograph in.

Preparing your baby/toddler/older kids: If you have a baby, try to schedule the shoot about an hour after they normally wake up. Changing their routine on the day of the shoot is never a good idea as they might resist and the next thing you know, the baby hasn’t slept for a couple of hours before the session!

Having said that, don’t stress if their routine does change and they are super cranky! I’ve had experience with such babes and the situation is always salvageable if we all stay calm and let events unfold. Just smile through it all and the photos will turn out perfect 😉

If you have toddlers or older kids, try not to give them any treats like sweets or even Ipads/phones before or during the session. Once the littles get a hold of their Ipads, it can go pretty downhill from there. Instead, plan a few activities for your session. If you love playing a game together as a family, why not bring it out during the session. I love incorporating your everyday life during in-home sessions.

Preparing your home: Dubai can be such a temporary place for some. People often tell me that they don’t think that their homes look nice enough to be photographed. While I respect that, I also know that whatever your house looks like, it is a home for you at the moment. The purpose of in-home sessions is not to get picture perfect portraits, but to capture this time in your family’s life.

I usually photograph near the windows so the bulk of the shoot will be in the rooms where the light coming through the windows is the best. This can mean that we will only photograph in your bedroom and/or living room or whichever room gets the best light. Try to do a basic cleanup of these rooms before the shoot. For beds, I recommend you use plain white or solid coloured bedsheets. Try to hide any clutter on your bedside tables as well. When I come to your home I can make some suggestions on the spot as well so don’t worry too much!

An in-home family photoshoot in Dubai can be the most important kind of session you get done for your family. None of us have any idea when we might have to pack up and leave. That is why in-home photos might be the only memories that your kids will have of their childhood home when they grow up!

The quickest way to reach me is through Whatsapp. We can chat about whether an in-home family photoshoot will be suitable for your family and when would be a great time to schedule one. So click here to start a conversation!

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