April 29, 2020

4 Amazon items that are making staying home easier while living with a young kid

If you’ve got little kids at home that you would love to keep entertained, the list of things below that I bought recently from Amazon is for you! My 4 year old literally spends half her day using one or more of them (as you can see in the family film I made above). That means more time for me to work from home without disruptions and at least an hour or so for me and my husband to play Counter-Strike online with friends in the evening, yay!!

And of course, I wouldn’t be recommending these unless my daughter absolutely loved these items! Want to know what’s been keeping me sane during the COVID lockdown? Here are the 4 things you will want to order asap if you have young kids!

Swimming pool (Intex Inflatable Pool – Buy here):

I live in a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with a view of the entire Dubai skyline. But staying at home really started getting to us. When I started seeing photos of people having swimming pools installed in their backyards, I thought why not find something that would fit in our small 4-foot wide balcony. Fortunately, I found one that fit perfectly and was still big enough for my daughter to have fun in it!

Game box (SUP Game Box with 400 Retro Games in 1 Mini Game Console – Buy here):

Ok so to be honest, I am a very big gaming fan and actually ordered this for myself but my daughter does NOT leave this console alone! She’s become really good at games like F1 racing and a Super Mario lookalike. And when I do get my hands on it, I play oldies like Burger Time and Tetris which takes me right back to my teens!

Jump-o-leen (Intex Recreation Jump-O-Lene – Buy here):

I wanted to buy a proper trampoline so S could get some exercise while staying home but most of them seemed too complex to put together ourselves or were too expensive. I settled with this inflatable, easy to set up Jump-o-leen! While it does take a lot of space we managed to find a corner to put it in and S can now jump in it to her heart’s content or turn it upside down to turn it into a pretend house! Fun guaranteed all day long! 😉

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Buy here):

This bonus item is for your sanity…you’re welcome! 😂 If you have little kids, you know how hard it is to keep your floors clean. I bought this last year and have been encouraging everyone around me to buy it! When we couldn’t have our helper over to clean up due to the covid situation, the Roborock, that we lovingly call “Caterpillar”, became a lifesaver. Yes, a lifesaver! That’s what this little robot has been for me and my husband for the past 2 months! It vacuums effortlessly and mops as well so by the time he’s done with cleaning, our home has shiny floors once more. It blends in nicely into our living room as well.

Did you find that list useful? Did you buy something off of Amazon for your kids that they really loved? Let me know in comments below!

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