Documentary Family Photoshoots in Dubai

If you're a family living in Dubai, seeking a unique and meaningful photography experience, I've got something special for you! A documentary family photoshoot not only gives you and your family space to truly be yourselves, but the gallery of photographs you receive act as a time capsule, taking you down memory lane every time you look at your photos. Spotting a favorite toy in the background, a dress your kid constantly wore that one summer, how the little ones snuck off treats to the dogs: moments that will never happen again as your little one's grow older. A documentary family photoshoot would let you experience the joy of witnessing these precious moments again and again and again!

Documentary family photoshoot in Abu Dhabi home

Documentary family photoshoot


All sessions include:

- A phone or text consultation to prepare you for your session

- Approximately 2.5-3 hours session at your home or outdoors

- A gallery of up to 100 beautifully edited, high resolution digital photographs that you can download.

Please click below to get in touch for pricing. If you would like a session in your home, please do mention the general area where you reside. I would also love to hear a little about your family and if you have anything in particular in mind you would like me to document for you!

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I wish I knew her before as her work is SO BEAUTIFUL and beyond all she is VERY PATIENT. One can imagine with 2 kids and a doggie it is not easy to get everyone’s attention but Scheherazade was AMAZING and I couldn’t believe she had captured some beautiful moments! LOVE her work!


Documentary family photoshoot in Dubai home

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