June 22, 2024

Family Photoshoot Locations in Dubai

With so many stunning photoshoot locations in Dubai, deciding a location for your family photoshoot can be tough. You might be traveling to Dubai for the first time and might not even know what options you have. That’s why I’ve made the process easier for you by listing down some locations with photographs and what makes these locations so amazing. Now you can just pick the one that suits you and your family best!

Souq Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah Souq is right next to the most marvelous resort properties in Dubai. So you don’t just get to roam around the old Arabian-style architecture of the mall but also get to be photographed around the gorgeous greenery surrounding the resorts. Early morning (around 8 am) or an hour and a half before sunset is the perfect time to shoot here.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Not only do you get the iconic Burj Khalifa in the background, but there’s so much more! Imagine your family in front of this modern harbour, with boats cruising by. Parks and walkways provide the perfect spot for capturing candid moments of your little adventurers exploring, and the mix of contemporary and traditional creates a stunning and unique backdrop! During the winter season, parking might be hard to get so make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the session time. Early morning is the best time to shoot here but we can also shoot about an hour and a half before sunset.

Old Dubai (Al Fahidi and Al Seef)

Want to go somewhere very traditional? Head to Al Seef and Al Fahidi! These historic neighborhoods are like stepping onto a movie set. Imagine your family strolling along the narrow alleyways lined with traditional wind towers and beautifully restored houses. You can even hop on a dhow boat for a unique photoshoot on Dubai Creek. This location is perfect for families who want a cultural experience. I generally shoot here around 8 am, 9 am, 10 am, or about 2 hours before sunset.

Al Qudra Desert

For adventurous families, head over to the Al Qudra Desert. The golden hues of the sand at sunset will create a truly magical backdrop for your family portraits. Explore the sand dunes, run around the edge of the Al Qudra lakes, or just relax and enjoy the breathtaking desert scenery while I create gorgeous photographs for you!

Atlantis The Royal

If you happen to be staying at the new Atlantis hotel, we could do a mix of indoor and outdoor photos at the property instead of heading out to another location! We can start inside the hotel room, then walk around the various fountains and beautiful displays, and end up at the beach with the old Atlantis hotel in the background.

Deira Spice Souq

Try heading out to the Deira Spice Souq if you would like a more documentary-style, adventurous and exploratory session with your littles. I would suggest you do this if your kids are at least 8 or 9 years old because any younger and they wouldn’t really be interested in their surroundings much.

One&Only Mirage Resort

One of my favorite places to do family photoshoots is the One&Only Mirage resort in Dubai Marina. It offers gorgeous backdrops so if you happen to be staying at this place, make sure to choose this location for your session!

Various Parks in Dubai

Dubai has a variety of parks where we can do a family photoshoot if you prefer to have natural greenery instead of buildings in your photographs. Most of them require a permit to shoot at which can get very tricky as the rules keep on changing. Some of the parks that I would recommend are the Al Quoz Pond Park, Dubai Hills Park, and Safa Park. Many times a park in your community can be the perfect location as we can start the session in your home and end it at the local park.

Dubai Beach

One of my favorite beaches to shoot at was the Sufouh beach. But since it closed in 2023, I recommend doing family sessions at the Kite beach. There is still a partial faraway view of the Burj Al Arab and the beach itself is the least crowded one in Dubai at the moment. For the classic full Burj Al Arab view, I would suggest that you book a room at one of the resorts next to Souq Madinat Jumeirah. That would give you access to the beach right next to the Burj for those gorgeous classic Dubai photos! An hour before sunset is the perfect starting time for a photoshoot at the beach.

Your Home in Dubai

Want a very intimate photoshoot that captures your little ones in the place they are growing up in? An in home session is the perfect choice for this! I’ve shot in very dark homes and homes with huge windows and bright rooms and can say with certainty that any kind of home can be the perfect backdrop for capturing the genuine connection and love between your family members! Generally, mornings around 10 or 11 am is the best time for in home sessions but we can shoot at other times as well.

I hope this little location guide was super helpful for you! And if you would like to book a family photoshoot within the next few months, reach out to me here.

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