Maternity photoshoot in Dubai during coronavirus pandemic


Maternity Photoshoots

Missing out on hiring a maternity photographer due to the current situation and not sure how to get great photos now?

Let me guide you and your partner in a live call so you can take the best possible photos and I'll edit them professionally to make them worth sharing with your friends and family!


Wouldn't it be amazing if someone could help you to take your own maternity photos at home? Someone to give you posing instructions on a live video call while simultaneously telling your partner how to shoot and which settings to use?

That's exactly what I will do during your guided maternity photoshoot. I will help you:

1. Pose in a flattering way

2. Guide you on where to stand or sit

3. Tell you exact camera settings

And everything will be tailored specifically for you!


1.5 hour Zoom Video Call


800 AED


Online through Credit/Debit Card


I will professionally edit 10 to 15 photos for you!

So even if you are not confident that your photos will look good, I promise they will look stunning when I'm done with them!

Next Steps

- Take a look at a Guided Maternity Photoshoot I did for a couple in my blog post

- Get in touch with me if you have any questions or you want to book

Blog post

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What a fabulous day we had with Scheherazade. Professional, fun and more importantly PUT US AT EASE. The pictures are wonderful, she really captured the FUN element of our relationship as well as the LOVE. I am so thankful I will have these pictures to share with our baby when we finally get to meet him or her!!! Thank you so so much!