April 26, 2020

Belinda & David’s maternity photoshoot in Dubai during the Covid-19 pandemic

“We are looking for someone to do our maternity shoot and things are very complicated during this lockdown! I’m afraid by the time it’s over I wouldn’t have captured these memories”

When the Covid lockdown period started in Dubai, I was getting messages like this by expecting mama’s every other day. My heart went out to each one of them!

Many of these women had waited years for their miracle baby to arrive..

They wanted memories of their older children hugging their pregnant belly..

For some it was the last time they would carry a baby in their body..

And I felt their disappointment..

So I came up with a unique experience for these families who could still get beautiful, emotive, lifestyle maternity photos even during the coronavirus pandemic. While I was not able to physically come to their home to capture their photos, I could guide them through a video call on how to take their own photos and professionally edit them to make them extra special.

Have a look at Belinda’s maternity photoshoot below. We did the whole shoot through a Zoom video call. Her husband David was in charge of the camera and I guided them both throughout the call.

In the behind the scenes screenshots below, you can see David was using an old Panasonic Lumix digital camera. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get too close to his wife and had to wear a mask throughout the session due to the nature of his job but it was brilliant watching him following my instructions perfectly.

A week before the session, Belinda and I coordinated over the phone. We decided on a date and time and we also talked about dresses that she could wear for the shoot. Considering she couldn’t buy anything new, we went with a really pretty, blue-colored, flowy dress that was already in her wardrobe.

Have a look at some of the beautiful photos we took:

Throughout the shoot, I was guiding David on where to stand, what angle and height he should be holding the camera and what camera settings to use. And at the same time, I was telling Belinda where to stand, how to pose and constantly giving feedback which really helped to make these photos look more polished.

I don’t think you need lots of props to make your maternity photos special. A bed, chair, cot or even a window can provide so much variety to your session.

I loved how the wooden rocking horse and the baby cot added a feeling of loving anticipation to the photos.

I also adore bump shots, where you can just see mum’s arms, lovingly wrapped around the belly! The contrast between the white bedding and Belinda’s blue dress really made the photos pop!

In the end, even though David couldn’t hug, kiss, or be near his wife, we really wanted him to be in at least one photo for memory’s sake. I think the photo below really captures the essence of what the coronavirus situation has meant for them.

The lockdown is over for now and I am back out there doing in-person maternity photoshoots in Dubai, but the virus is still very much out there. So if you are expecting a baby soon and want someone who takes every precaution to stay safe, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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