August 24, 2021

8 best baby shower gifts for pregnant mums in Dubai

Want to give your pregnant friend the best baby shower gift ever? Here are a few amazing small businesses based in Dubai that sell baby and mama-related products. You might even be tempted to buy something for yourself while scrolling through these pages!

Baby shower crates by Cratefulmomuae:

These personalized crates made by Mehreen, are perfect for baby showers. You can easily decide which items you want to gift your friend and also choose a theme for the crate based on her interests. I like my gifts to be big and plentiful and if your friend is anything like me, she will looove these!

Cratefulmomuae also provides personalized onesies for the little one, big brother/sister shirts for the proud siblings, coffee mugs for the new tired parents, matching grandparent mugs, mom fuel water bottle, personalized soft toys for the little one, personalized bibs, booties, wood round for the baby’s nursery, baby milestone stickers for baby onesies till year 1 and much more.

Kathryn Jones Serums:

KJ serums are quite popular for skin and hair rejuvenation among mums in the UAE. The products are made from fresh ingredients and have a life of 4-6 weeks which makes them super potent and effective. I’ve used the Trilogy day, Skin karma, and Happyface together and loved how effective they were in toning the skin.

These products would make excellent gifts for mom-to-bes. According to Kathryn, “HA-ppy Face, HydraSilk, Squalane would all be good choices for pregnant mums. These are all mild and hydrating for the skin.”

Make sure you order these well in advance as these products are made from fresh ingredients and are delivered during certain days of the month.

Vanya’s Closet:

Their tagline of “Meticulously Sourced, Beautifully Curated and Handmade” could not be more accurate. Their adorable outfits will make you want one for yourself! The colors are very beautifully paired together, the designs are natural and timeless and the mum you gift these clothes to will be super happy. I also spotted some gender-neutral designs on their page so those would be perfect if the parents haven’t revealed the gender yet!

Me and My Bow:

I discovered MAMB recently and fell in love with their little bows. They have so many materials and colors to choose from and these would make super cute gifts. They have designs in corduroy, denim, suede, felt and so much more!

Adorable n’ Elegant:

This small business makes the most adorable crib mobiles, hangers, and play gym toys! All the items are customizable so your friend will cherish the gift even more (place an order well in advance of the event). I love the colors they use and the final look of each item is very polished.

Bundle of Joy:

Bundle of Joy is a one-stop-shop for all your baby shower needs. Whether you need a diaper cake or a baby shower basket, you’ll find it all conveniently in this one shop. And best of all you can customize the items according to your budget and needs!

House of Melts:

I discovered this amazing small shop, that sells wax melts in different scents. These would make a wonderful gift for a mum-to-be who can light up a candle and let the wax melts do their job while she relaxes and enjoys the stunning fragrances.

Scheherazade Photography:

And ofcourse, you can always gift an e-voucher to the expecting mama for a maternity or a newborn photoshoot with me! My sessions are so relaxed, authentic, and fun, and can be done outdoors or in the comfort of the parent’s home. I can schedule the e-card to be mailed to the mum on the day of the baby shower so it’s extra special for her 😉

I’ve had ladies pool in to get a session gifted to their expecting friend which is amazing because it’s a premium gift and the mum-to-be will cherish the photographs for years to come (get my newborn pricing here which is the same for maternity and family sessions as well).

And that’s it! I hope you find this list helpful and you can bookmark it in case you want to refer to it in the future.

Scheherazade Photography

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