November 18, 2020

Kids Spa birthday party in Dubai

After the amazing response I got when I shared photos of my daughter’s spa birthday party in Dubai on Instagram Stories, I thought I would write down a detailed review of Heart Made Events who made the whole thing possible. If you’ve got a 4-10 year old in the house with a birthday coming up, you’d better read on!

My kiddo has been feeling super lonely the past few weeks because she’s been doing online school this term and hasn’t been able to meet up with friends too much. To make up for all the stuff she has had to give up due to the horrid covid, I wanted her 5th birthday to be super fun and full of stuff I normally don’t let her do. So I phoned up a couple of places that might offer a spa experience for kids and nothing clicked until I came upon the Instagram page of Heart Made. I had a chat with one of the owners and knew we were the right fit right away!

They told me they would be bringing everything, from the decor, tables, mats, nail polishes, makeup, chocolate masks and the super-duper cute robes!! I mean just the sample photos she sent me of the robes was enough for me to say “take my money!” 🤣 The fact that I didn’t have to take care of anything but the food was great too.

The spa experience was a surprise for S and her adorable friends, and I loved their reaction when they were escorted by the two ladies behind Heart Made towards their seats. With their feet in the pedicure bowl and apple juice in hand, their 2 hours of relaxation was just starting.

Next, they were escorted to the cutest table where they got comfortable headbands to wear. Each girl got her own mirror with lights, a water bowl, hand towel, a mixing bowl and a cushion.

The girls were given some yogurt and Nutella which they mixed and applied to their faces. And predictably they licked off some of their face masks as well while admiring themselves in the mirrors. 😂

Oh and then the fun REALLY began! They got sprinkled. Yep, you read that right! They were laid down and sprinkled with sugary goodness (which somehow reminds me of the Powerpuff girls!).

After wiping off their faces (I’m sure I heard one of the cheeky monkeys commenting how beautiful their skin felt), they took turns at the nails station. S chose pink as usual for her nail colour but the Heart Made ladies had other options for the girls too.

Meanwhile, the rest of the munchkins got their eye makeup and glitter on. When you’re usually not allowed to take over your mom’s makeup stuff, you tend to go all out when finally given the opportunity to use the good stuff. 😉

After they were done, all of them looked like they had run off from the circus!! But it was the most adorable thing EVER! Even the 2-year-old took full part in the experience which was so sweet to watch.

They got their hair curled (loved the super quick curler the ladies were using) and finally they were ready to take their robes off.

I was super happy with how the ladies at Heart Made managed everything, including interacting with the kids and keeping them engaged. They kept their masks on at all times too. I’d definitely recommend them!

The only thing I had to do was make the food and set up the table. I bought the unicorn table cover from Creative Minds for around 30 aed and used the ribbons backdrop that I had made for a client’s cake smash session 2 years back. Oh, and the cake was from the amazing Sugaholic (I use them for all my cake smashes).

I’m so glad I took lots of photos of the whole experience because when my kid is older and complains I never do anything for her, I’ll have proof 😂.

Are you planning on doing a spa birthday party in Dubai for your child? Let me know in comments below!

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