Family Films in Dubai

Family films pack so much love into a few minutes that it’s incredible to watch! I always get teary-eyed while editing one of these films. I know how emotional and powerful these moments are going to be for your beautiful family and how the kids will cherish these videos thousand times more when they grow up! They are also perfect for sending to grandparents and family living far away in your home country who would give anything to be able to see their grandkids, nieces or nephews.

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I was totally BLOWN AWAY! As I watched, TEARS OF EMOTION rolled down my face and I am so fortunate to have these memories to TREASURE FOREVER and to SHARE WITH MY FAMILY and friends back at home!


Family photographer Dubai

Why you need Keepsake Films

Keepsake films are amazing at bringing out emotions because they truly reflect your family as they are. Your relationship with each other, small things like your kid grabbing hold of your hand or the wet kisses they gave you... everything is tailored specifically to you, so you and your kids can remember the good old times together when you're all older.

If you would like something like this for yourself, message me anytime and tell me about all the things you want to freeze about your kids!




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Family Film Pricing

2300 AED for a limited time only (regular price: 3500 aed)

2 hour session in your home

Includes: 3-5 minute film and 5 digital images