April 10, 2020

Dina’s Fresh 48 Photoshoot at Medcare Women & Children Hospital | Dubai Newborn Photographer

Today I wanted to share some photos of an absolutely beautiful baby girl who was born in August of last year. The love I experienced for her in that gorgeously decorated room at the Medcare Women & Children Hospital in Dubai was incredible! I was so lucky to have captured her fresh 48 photos and I even surprised the parents with a short video, which I think captures the love and joy for the newborn baby Kamila perfectly! Read on to see the short film.

I remember there was a dust storm that day because I had a maternity photoshoot at the beach later that day which had to be rescheduled. Thankfully, the fresh 48 session was indoors and even though it was super dusty outside, there was still ample light for us to proceed with the shoot!

We started with a few photos of Dina with her baby girl. Capturing the connection between mums and their babies is so important for me. I don’t have any professional photos of my own daughter with me from when she was born which I totally regret so I make sure mums get their photos with their bubs!

I always ask parents to be alone with the baby when I start the shoot and bring in any older siblings after a while. Toddlers usually get tired of having their photos taken pretty quickly so if a grandparent or friend can keep them busy somewhere else and only bring in when I am ready for them ensures they are happy for their photos!

Even then I usually have a few minutes to capture them with the baby before they completely loose interest lol! Kamila’s big brother Adam came in and we took a few photos of him on the bed with the baby and then he was done! And that’s ok! I don’t like to push little ones to do something they really don’t want to do. Going with the flow is key to having a successful photoshoot with younger kids. That and loads of patience! 😁

And did I mention how BEAUTIFUL the room was!? Major props to Dina for making all the decor herself! From the flowers to the candles, the food trays, balloons, gift packs and even the matching perfume bottles for mama and baby, everything was perfect!

And like always I end the shoot with photos of the extended family who are there to visit. I know for a fact that grandparents will cherish these photos so soo much!

Here’s a short film I made for Dina and Ahmed. Whenever I watch this film, I get feelings of coziness and love! I hope you enjoy it and let me know in comments below what you felt when you watched it.

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