March 21, 2020

How to take your own maternity photos during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Hey guys! The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in all our lives right now and as a maternity & newborn photographer in Dubai, I am heartbroken not to be able to photograph this really special time in your life! I really miss meeting families and photographing the love and the joy surrounding the bump.

Soooo, I woke up this morning and just HAD to write this blog post for all the expecting mamas out there who, unfortunately, cannot risk hiring a professional to take their maternity photos right now!

Ready for some practical tips on taking your own pregnancy photos?!

First up, choose your wardrobe! Whether it’s a simple flowy gown, a casual t-shirt or a form-fitting dress, choose something that doesn’t have too many patterns on it. Patterns and huge logos on clothing can really shift the focus from you and we definitely don’t want that!

Next, decide the location! I know almost everyone is stuck indoors nowadays with the covid19 situation so be creative. Do you have a room with large windows? Maybe you have a balcony or a small garden that you can venture out to. Anywhere that has natural light and is still within your own home works!

So, your clothes are ready, you have a couple of spots in mind, now set a date and time for the shoot just like you would if you had hired a professional photographer. Light matters a lot, so for the indoor photos, aim for a time when your chosen room is nice and bright. For outdoor photos, aim for half an hour before the sunset time. Not sure when that is? Google “Sunset in [your location]” and you’re all set!

Makeup and hair! Very important if you want to achieve professional-looking photos, but keep it simple. Get ready like you’re heading out to a nice dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant. 😉

All you need now is a camera and someone to take the photos! Get your partner or your kids to help! Show them poses like these to give them an idea of what angles to use. Here are some more poses for you to try at home:

Use a tripod for your phone or DSLR and use the timer mode to get your partner in the photos with you! These are going to be forever memories and you want the whole family in there with you. ☺️

And finally, edit your photos. Apps like Snapseed (Android, IOS) and VSCO (Android, IOS) are free to use on your phone which makes it super easy to edit the photos.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to let someone else do the hard work so if you would be interested in a virtual maternity photoshoot with me, get in touch! I will guide and pose you through a Zoom video call while simultaneously telling your partner the exact settings he should dial in his camera! This unique photoshoot will include professional editing by me as well. That will be an experience to remember when all this corona stuff is behind us and a great story to tell your kids one day! Click HERE to learn more or to book a date and time.

Did you find this post helpful? Comment below to let me know. It’ll make staying home all day with a hyper 4-year-old much more bearable! 😂

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