January 20, 2021

Cake smash photoshoot preparation in Dubai

A cake smash photoshoot is a popular way to celebrate and record your baby’s first birthday. If you’re planning on having a minimalistic cake smash photoshoot done in Dubai, then I can help you get prepared! Read on to know about all the things I help you decide for your baby’s cake smash.

My cake smashes focus on your baby instead of props or a set that will become outdated in a year or two. Over the past few years, doing full-on themes like the “wild one”, “airplanes” or “ballerina” has made me realize that most babies get distracted by the number of toys placed behind them. So I’ve found that a simple white or beige background with a cake and maybe a few balloons are all you need to get beautiful, timeless photos. And the babies are less fussy too because of fewer distractions.

Locations for cake smash:

When you start the cake smash booking process with me, the first thing we will decide is the location. You can decide to get the smash done at my studio in Barsha South or at an outdoor location of your choice. I wrote a blog post about some of my favorite photoshoot locations here. You can go ahead and choose one of them.

Whatever location you pick, just make sure your baby will be comfortable there. For example, if your little one just hates sand, I would definitely not recommend you to go for the beach or desert. You can also take your baby to the chosen location a few times before the session to get them used to it.


Next you need to decide which color scheme you would like for your photos. If you are thinking of enlarging a few photos from the cake smash and putting them up in the nursery, try to pick colors which will complement the nursery walls or decor. If you are planning on getting a photo album, then any color would do. Many people choose pastels, blues, pinks, purples, yellows etc. The options are endless.

Whatever you choose, I will get the balloons and the cake in the same color.

Cake Smash Cakes:

Talking about the cake, you can either get one yourself or let me arrange it for you. In either case, I would recommend a half kg buttercream cake so your baby can smash through it easily. Avoid brown colored frosting because it looks like poop and red color which looks like blood 🙈. Also, avoid deep blues and dark greens. Otherwise, by the end of the session, your baby will look like a blueberry or hulk. 😂

If your baby is allergic to any food items, you need to let me or the baker of your choice know at the time of booking. I have this question included in my booking form just in case you forget!

For the design, you can send me one, or just pick one of the following designs that work really well for photos:


Once you’ve decided which colors you want in your photos, you can go ahead and pick outfits for your baby and for the rest of the family. Choose something with no logos or extensive patterns. These tend to go out of fashion quickly and we want your photos to be timeless, don’t we? 😉 For kids, I love suggesting rompers, knickers, pants or dresses from the Next.ae shop.

Bubble bath:

My cake smashes start off with some family photos and a few photos of the baby alone. We then move on to the cake smash and if you like we can end the session with a bubble bath. This gives some more variety in your final gallery and kids enjoy playing with the water. Some even prefer the bath part over the cake smash!

Before the Cake Smash:

A few days before the cake smash, give your baby a buttercream cupcake a few times. Make them sit on the floor and play/make a mess with it. That way they are used to the texture of the buttercream. Almost every child who does this before their session smashes the cake pretty well at their photoshoot.

What you need to bring to the cake smash session:

I usually take care of everything for the session except for the clothing. So you can all come dressed up for the family photos and bring the outfit that the baby will wear for the cake smash. You can also bring a swimming diaper for the bubble bath part but if you don’t, it’s not an issue.

Apart from that bring wipes, shopping bags to put dirty clothes in, and a change of clothing for the whole family. The cake smash can get super messy!

Covid precautions:

And lastly, I take great pains to sanitize my studio and all props before and after each and every session. So I would request that if the baby or any member of the family feels sick, inform me as soon as possible (even if it’s on the day of the shoot) so we can reschedule. I know how tough that decision might be after you have prepared, maybe even gotten hair done. But nothing is more important to me than the safety of my clients and my family which is why rescheduling is the responsible thing to do. The cake can be frozen and used on the rescheduled day.

For adults, masks are required in the studio and outdoors at all times unless you are being photographed. The use of sanitizer regularly is also encouraged.

As for me, I will have my mask up at all times and I will try to stay at least 1.5 m away from you at all times. I also wash or sanitize my hands regularly during sessions. For a list of my Covid guidelines, go here.


So that’s about it! Reach out to me here a few months before the baby turns 1 year old. We can schedule the photoshoot about 3 weeks before the birthday. That way you will have your photos ready when the big day comes. 😊

Have questions? Reach out to me here!

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