April 22, 2020

Beach Family Photoshoot | Dubai Family Photographer

Are you missing out on your little one’s birthday party or cake smash photoshoot this year due to the coronavirus situation? If your baby is turning one, I know how hard it must be for you to forgo celebrating these memorable milestones with friends and family, and to stay home instead.

But let’s look at the positives! Even if you can’t physically invite people over for a birthday bash, you can still blow up some balloons and host a Zoom birthday party! You can ask every friend, family member or long lost cousin to attend virtually and do lots and lots of fun games! 😉

As for a cake smash, even something as simple as balloons and a cake looks fabulous in photos. At the end of the day, it’s the memories you make and not the amount of props you have in your photos that matters. Like this really simple pastel blue and yellow cake smash and family photoshoot that was requested by a mom in Dubai.

This happy little guy turned one in November and the weather was perfect for a beach photoshoot. I love how every beach session looks a bit different depending on the weather that day! When it’s cloudy, it can be more of a light and bright session and when the sun is out we get these beautiful golden tones.

I love it when clients trust me completely with their photos! For this session, I was almost done with the photo shoot at the beach when I saw the beautiful light reflecting off the water. So I asked the family to walk into the shallow water and took some more portraits with the most perfect golden and pastel background I could ever hope for!

And of course, sibling photos are a must! I’m sure you still look back at your own sibling photos from way back and it must bring back all the wonderful memories of the fun times you had together! Imagine your kids looking back at these memories in 20 years and being grateful that they have something from the past to hold on to!

I just hope the coronavirus situation ends soon so families can go back out and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Dubai. In the meanwhile, take loads of photos of your kiddos at home. In a couple of years when our kids are living in different corners of the world, we will all be flipping through the stay at home photographs and remembering the time we were literally stuck with each other and couldn’t wait to go out on a frivolous outing!

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